The cornerstone of the JobCapper experience is our printable Job View, which presents the complete job file, including all client information, insurance claim data, client payments, and individual job expenses within a single, interactive report. All job-related expenses are entered directly into the Job View, dynamically updating material, labor, sales commission and miscellaneous expense totals and computing job profits by amount and margin percentage. After the job is COMPLETE AND PAID, update the job status to CAPPED and print hard copies for your permanent files.


In addition to our unique job-based accounting, JobCapper also provides full featured accounting tools that include unlimited asset and liability accounts; P&L, expense and income reports with fully customizable filtering capability; and the ability to export any JobCapper data to CSV or Excel file. Deposits, cash back, split transactions and check printing are a breeze with JobCapper.


Just as you might give personnel a key to your business’s physical location, JobCapper allows you to issue keys to your JobCapper account, and customize individual access levels. JobCapper has pre-defined key permission sets for sales people, managers, owners, etc. You can even issue a key to your accountant to accommodate efficient preparation of quarterly and/or annual tax returns. You may issue unlimited keys, which can be added, suspended, or edited at any time. Finally, all your personnel have access 24/7 from any device with an internet connection. Sales people only see jobs they are assigned to. Sales managers only see jobs for sales people they are managing, etc.


JobCapper’s multiple location feature allows you to manage multiple businesses or multiple locations through a single JobCapper account and login. The jobs, vendors, personnel, and financials are tracked and managed independently for each location, while allowing you to move from one location to another with a click of the mouse. Keys are assigned per location and you can issue keys to vital personnel, owners, partners, etc. for multiple locations of your choice. Contact information, addresses, company logos, etc. may be different for each location. Now you can easily move personnel between locations and track expenses and profits per location.


If you use sales people in any capacity, you already understand the challenge of managing lead assignments, commission structures and commission draws. JobCapper allows you to custom tailor commissions for percent of gross, percent of profit, fixed amount per job or hybrid combinations of all. Set up default commission structure for all sales people or customize for each individual in your sales team. When you assign a sales person to a job, JobCapper will automatically apply that person’s default commission structure or you can modify commissions for individual jobs. If your company applies an overhead cost when computing commissions, simply specify the amount when setting up commissions for a sales person or adding a job, and JobCapper will automatically apply the deduction in the job view. JobCapper’s commission reports allow sales people and management to view every job assigned to a sales person, with total earned, total paid, balance, etc., along with automated tools to pay balances and print checks. This may all sound complicated but we believe we have simplified this very important aspect of your business, to the point that anyone can now manage sales people like a pro.


Many construction related businesses rely on commissioned sales people to generate new projects for the company. One of the most challenging aspects of maintaining good relationships with commissioned sales people is mutual trust. JobCapper provides real-time tracking of job costs, commission earned and commission paid data, providing complete transparency by issuing keys to anyone in your organization needing access.

(In development) BUSINESS CARDS

JobCapper allows anyone to sign up for a user account and enter their business profile and business card for free. The advantage of listing your business profile on JobCapper is the instant exposure to contractors looking for your services. The big advantage to JobCapper users is the business card search features. Search by trade specialty, geographic region, etc. and find the subcontractors you need to complete your projects. Save cards for quick reference later, send handshakes or issue keys to any registered JobCapper user.


Upload or attach digital documents, photos, and job notes within the job view for easy reference and retrieval, in the field or in the office.

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